Established in 2009 by founding members Markus Berger, Heinrich Hermanin + Liliane Wong in North America.

Members of the Advisory Board:
-Uta Hassler, Chair of Historic Building Research and Conservation, ETH Zurich
-Heinrich Hermann, Head of the Advisory Board, Co-Founder of Int|AR
-Brian Kernaghan, Professor of Interior Architecture Emeritus, RISD
-Niklaus Kohler, Prof. Emeritus, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
-Dietrich Neumann, Royce Family Professor for the History of Modern Architecture and Urban Studies at Brown University; President, Society of Architectural Historians
-Theodore H M Prudon, Professor of Historic Preservation, Columbia University; President of Docomomo USA
-August Sarnitz, Professor of History of Architecture, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
-Friedrich St Florian, FAIA, Professor of Architecture Emeritus, RISD; Principal, Friedrich St. Florian Architects, Providence, RI
-Wilfried Wang, O’Neil Ford Centennial Professor in Architecture, University of Texas, Austin; Hoidn Wang Partner, Berlin

Int|AR is available in printed form through BIRKHÄUSER/ DEGRUYTER and Amazon and in digital form through the Wilson/ EBSCO art index.